Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cats in The House

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Gonna share about the frequent visit of cats to my house this year.

 The first one was a feeble looking kitten which looked like he (i assume this kitten is a male la, but i didn't really check its gender -.-) haven't eaten for days and is feeling lonely because his mother cat has abandoned him. 
I was shocked to find him there and I didn't know what to do at first. Then I see him so cham like that so I make some milk for him to drink. To my dismay, he didn't event drink a sip and then ran full speed of the gate -.-" waste my milk nia... I mean the milk i made for him haha.

 The other incident which I managed to take a few photos is where I noticed something moving in the letter box then I found an adult cat staring back at me with its vicious eyes. Nearly shouted out loud because this cat have a killer stare. O.o

Trying to get a clearer view of this cat.

This cat has weird position and I found out after that she has a few kittens in the letter box as well. Because it was raining so she have decided to take shelter and somehow deliver her babies there.  

 Then a few days later I found out that she shifted to the empty cupboard. Wise move because looking at the tiny letter box how to fit all her three kittens + mother meow.

Still staring at me ferociously T__T

Hugging her kitteh maybe because I went too near to take photos.

 Its cute to see all her kittens fighting with each other for milk. Then me and jie gave names to them also ^^

The black and white - Bunny (because it resembled Bunny; fat and clumsy)
The light brown one - Fluffy (because it resembled Fluffy; cute and cuddly)
The white one in the middle - Zombeh (no reason we just want to name it that way :p)

And to end this post with this pic because I'm being random. Haha!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2PM - I'm Your Man

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Beastly 2PM are back with their second Japanese single, I'm Your Man.

Oh Nichkhun in the middle this time? *claps*

Just look at their serious and tersangat handsome face ohmaigod...
Why so serious?! o_O

Their music video has just been revealed recently. Dressed in black suits dancing sexily, I'm sure you would replay the video again and again and again and again and again ....

Oh did I mentioned that they used neckties in their dance as well?

A dance version music video if you can't have enough of 2PM :D

Good or bad?


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