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SNSD-Hoot [The 3rd Mini Album]

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Girl's Generation (소녀시대) 3rd mini album - Hoot (훗) has just been released recently.

Below is the track list for this album:
01 훗 (Hoot)
02 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
03 단짝 (My Best Friend)
04 Wake Up
05 첫눈에…(Snowy Wish)

*The second song - Mistake's lyrics was written by YuRi. I personally felt it is a nice song to listen to :D

The 'Hoot' MV:

The lyrics:
눈 깜빡 할 사이 넌 또 CHECK IT OUT
nun kkamppak hal sai nŏ tto CHECK IT OUT
The moment I blink, again you check it out

지나가는 여자들 그만 좀 봐
jinaganŭn yŏjadŭl gŭman jom bwa
Stop staring at the girls passing by

아닌 척 못들은 척 가시 박힌 코웃음 이상해 다 다 다
anin chŏk motdŭrŭn chŏk gashi bakhin kousŭm isanghae da da da
Acting like you're not, like you didn't hear. That snort with a thorn stuck in it, all all all of it is weird

조금만 내게 친절하면 어때 무뚝뚝한 말투 너무 아파 난
jogŭmman naege chinjŏlhamyŏn ŏttae muttukttukhan maltu nŏmu apa nan
How about being a little more nice to me? Your abrupt speech hurts so much

이런 게 익숙해져 가는 건 정말 싫어 속상해 다 다 다
irŏn ge iksukhaejyŏ ganŭn gŏn jŏngmal shirhŏ soksanghae da da da
I really don't like becoming used to it, all all all of it is disappointing

어딜 쳐다봐 난 여기 있는데
ŏdil chyŏdabwa nan yŏgi itnŭnde
Where are you looking? I'm right here

너 때문에 내 마음은 갑옷 입고 이젠 내가 맞서줄게
nŏ ttaemune nae maŭmŭn gabot ipgo ijen naega matsŏjulge
Because of you, my heart wears an armor. Now I'll fight back

Your arrow is trouble trouble trouble

나를 노렸어 너는 SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT 나는 훗 훗 훗
narŭl noryŏssŏ nŏnŭn SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT nanŭn hut hut hut
It aimed at me, you shoot shoot shoot, I hoot hoot hoot

독이 배인 네 말에 나 상처 입고도 다시 준 두 번째 CHANCE
dogi baein ne mare na sangchŏ ipgodo dashi jun tu bŏnjjae CHANCE
I'm scarred by your words soaked in poison I gave you a second chance

You're definitely trouble trouble trouble

때를 노렸어 너는 SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT 나는 훗 훗 훗
ttaerŭl noryŏssŏ nŏnŭn SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT nanŭn hut hut hut
You waited for the right time, you shoot shoot shoot, I hoot hoot hoot

다른 여자의 함정에 푹 빠졌다니
darŭn yŏjaye hamsŏnge puk ppajyŏtdani
I heard you fell deeply into another girl's trap?

변명 끝! 넌 아직도 정신 못 차리고 있지
byŏnmyŏng kkŭt! nŏn ajikdo jŏngshin mot charigo itji
End of excuses! You still can't come to your sense, can you?

그 태도로 좋은 여자 못 만날거다 영원히 넌 넌 넌
gŭ taedoro johŭn yŏja mot mannalgŏda yŏngwonhi nŏn nŏn nŏn
You won't meet a good girl with that attitude, you you you forever

착각마라 넌 큐피드가 아냐 (너 말야)
chakgakmara nŏn kyupidŭga anya (nŏ marya)
Don't be mistaken, you're not Cupid (You are)


물속에서 뜨려면 가라앉게
mulsogesŏ ttŭryŏmyŏn garaantge
If you try to float on water, I'll make you sink

내가 만든 CIRCLE 너는 각지게
naega mandŭn CIRCLE nŏnŭn gakjige
In the circle I made, you're all around

묻지 않은 말에 대답만 또 해
mutji anhnŭn mare daedapman tto hae
You're just answering questions again that I didn't even ask

그래도 난 너처럼 화살은 안 쏠게
gŭraedo nan nŏchŏrŏm hwasarŭn an ssŭlge
But I still won't shoot an arrow like you did


-credits: URKoreanMusic-

A few of the official photos from this album:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Paramore Live in Kuala Lumpur

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Went to Paramore concert which was held in Bukit Jalil last week.

Was surprised to see the crowd there. Didn't know they have so many fans in Malaysia.

Enjoyed their performance despite being tired and sleepy that night.

Liked "The Only Exception" the best especially with the fireworks on the stage =D

Went home before the concert ends and managed to see Paramore leave in their vans.

Here's a video of some of their performances. Enjoy~

And all thanks to TianChad for the tickets and TianChad again for the photos & videos =p


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dance Style 5th Anniversary Party

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DANCESTYLE, a dance and exercise studio located at Plaza Damas will again hosting a grand recital this coming 31st October, 2010.

For this year, continuing from the popularity of the last year event, for sure we will be upgrading the performance stage and it is going to be held at Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) hall, which is located nearby KLCC.

You will be able to enjoy the performances not only from the most famous Kid’s Hip Hop groups but also the sexy Hip Hop, Break Dance, Belly Dance, Latin Dance & Japanese Wadaiko Drum etc.

This year’s special appearance will be the performance by a professional break dancer Mr. Azim, our DANCESTYLE instructor. He and his group (Wakaka) have just recently won the fabulous SHOWDOWN 2010 by the 8TV programme.

The collaboration performances between Wadaiko-Drum and Song-Dance at last year’s event will be back this year to dumbfound the audience once again.

Here's the details of the event:
  • Date/Time: 31st October 2010/Session 1 (1pm-3pm) Session 2 (5pm-7pm)
* It's a same 2 hours show with 2 different time slots
  • Venue: Malaysian Tourism Centre (MaTiC) Pusat Pelancongan Malaysia (109, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur)
  • Ticket: RM 35 (Free seating. Adult and Child same price)
*Limited to 400 seats for each session
  • Contact person: 012-313 5080 (Simon), 012-298 2278 (Sek Yee)

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Sneaky and the Hamsap

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This post is dedicated to all my beloved binatang peliharaan anak-anak patung which has been collecting dusts given to me...

Firstly, I am going to introduce this pink tortoise named Sneaky which looked as sneaky as its name. It was given (and named) by my dear cousins and had flew all the way from Aussie. I had no idea why this tortoise is pink in color (maybe Aussie's tortoises are pink =p) and below are a few pose of Sneaky the Pink Tortoise~

*Caution: Do not stare into its eyes for more than 10 seconds*

The view from its uhhh...

Sneaky's best pose - tergolek after a long tiring day of photo shooting =).

And this is the famous Hamsap Bear the BerWang (o_O) who is from (according to shirt) Beargentina. Due to lack of information, I could not track the origins of this bear or why it has landed on the Planet of the Baboons. Nevertheless, Hamsap Bear the BerWang has some photographs to share with us too =)
Hamsap Bear is generous enough to show us his cute blue furry tail....

And not to forget these three binatang pelik which are actually presents from a friend who promised me that he will give me one binatang pelik on my birthday every year until i got married. How sweet is that =) Lets hope he has enough of supply and not to break that promise ;)

There are supposed to be four of those but somehow the first one ran away and abandoned those three behind. I wish Mr. 1 would be happy out there wherever he is now *sobs*

There are more anak-anak patung comel actually and if you are interested to catch a glimpse of them and read about their adventures, you can click here~

Till then,
WELCOME TO THE FAMILY, dear patungs~ =)


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