Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cats in The House

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Gonna share about the frequent visit of cats to my house this year.

 The first one was a feeble looking kitten which looked like he (i assume this kitten is a male la, but i didn't really check its gender -.-) haven't eaten for days and is feeling lonely because his mother cat has abandoned him. 
I was shocked to find him there and I didn't know what to do at first. Then I see him so cham like that so I make some milk for him to drink. To my dismay, he didn't event drink a sip and then ran full speed of the gate -.-" waste my milk nia... I mean the milk i made for him haha.

 The other incident which I managed to take a few photos is where I noticed something moving in the letter box then I found an adult cat staring back at me with its vicious eyes. Nearly shouted out loud because this cat have a killer stare. O.o

Trying to get a clearer view of this cat.

This cat has weird position and I found out after that she has a few kittens in the letter box as well. Because it was raining so she have decided to take shelter and somehow deliver her babies there.  

 Then a few days later I found out that she shifted to the empty cupboard. Wise move because looking at the tiny letter box how to fit all her three kittens + mother meow.

Still staring at me ferociously T__T

Hugging her kitteh maybe because I went too near to take photos.

 Its cute to see all her kittens fighting with each other for milk. Then me and jie gave names to them also ^^

The black and white - Bunny (because it resembled Bunny; fat and clumsy)
The light brown one - Fluffy (because it resembled Fluffy; cute and cuddly)
The white one in the middle - Zombeh (no reason we just want to name it that way :p)

And to end this post with this pic because I'm being random. Haha!

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