Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Bang 4th Mini Album

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Yay!!! Big Bang is back with their 4th mini album~!!! :D

1. Intro (Thank You & You)

2. Hands Up

3. Somebody To Love

4. What Is Right

5. Cafe

6. Tonight

Hurry and go listen to it!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

[Travel] Hatyai Part 2

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I'm back with the continuation of my Hatyai trip. The very next day, me and some of my friends went for a day trip to several places around Trang, Thailand.
Our first stop was the Le Khaokob Cave. I was told that in order to pass through the cave, we must lie down flat in the boat. And I thought at first, hey its quite fun. Just a little bit different from the usual boat rides.

The beginning of our boat ride. Quite relaxing... until we reached the cave's mouth. We just have to lie down for a little while.

View of inside the cave.

The stalactites

You can see the water dripping forming stalactites. They are still "growing"

The real excitement of the this cave is actually at the end. After several stops inside the cave, we reached a place where the tour guide ask us to lie down flat on the boat. We were curious on what's awaiting us ahead as they ask us to keep any bulky stuff and store our cameras in a safe place. So the bad part here is that I can't share any photos when reaching to the end of the cave.

So after making sure everyone had lie down as flat as a pancake, we started entering a dark hole with water dripping on our faces. This was where we all started screaming like crazy because the walls and the stalactites was really low that it was barely a few inches away from our faces. And I feel that the tour guide there wasn't considerate enough. They row the boat real fast even though there are some places where we nearly hurt ourselves.

All of us were rather small sized and I wonder how some big sized elephants people pass through this part.


Another cave temple we visited. Most of the temples we visited were in a cave. It wasn't like those temples in Ipoh. Theirs was located deep inside the cave where we had to move between tiny spaces to reach there.

I guess that's why they have fans inside the cave to ventilate the area.


After much screaming and doing acrobatic moves in these caves, we finally had our lunch at a hill near Trang. I didn't manage to get the name of this place =(

Wooden tables and chairs

Food we had there. Not bad and the price is quite reasonable too.


During the night, we had to attend a "Gala Nite"
Their glass bottled soft drinks.

But I've decided to drink Air Gajah water instead.

Performances that night. Sorry for the blur photos. I have to keep their privacy been using mobile phone to take most of the photos during this travel.

There are also fat...

and ugly ones =x


So that's all for my Hatyai trip. Saw this bus full of Hello Kitty on my way back...and the bus driver is a guy ^^


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