Friday, June 11, 2010

I Will Give You My Life...

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Gonna update a lil bit tonight...
2PM releases a new MV "I Will Give You My Life" from their latest album...
You can see in the MV the hardships they faced in the "Don't Stop, Can't Stop" album

p/s: sorry for the short update, i'm so tired that i could just doze off in front of my comp =p
wanted to share because i feel that they deserved the success after what they have been through...

So we don't stop (2)~
We can't stop (P)~
Until we reach the top (M)~

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Digi Break Free Party!

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This post is dedicated to my mom, whose birthday falls on the same day as the DiGi Break Free Party. She's away for that weekend so, me and sis went on to the party!

Special thanks to:
Mom for her understanding, DiGi, Nuffnang, group members of Chicanos Burritos.

Members of Chicanos Burritos:-
  1. Jack "Marsboy"
  2. Rachel "Kokonut"
  3. XeRoZ
  4. MsXeRoZ
  5. TianChad
  6. Jen "AtreyuStrange"
  7. Aimar
  8. Iriene
  9. Wern "The Red Buttockz" <-- It'z ME!
*Sorry if I missed anyone out. Drop me a note, and i'll add you in =) Hope to keep in touch with ya' all*

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

We Got Married...

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We got married... Who?
"We" lah... Who lah???
Me and Nichkhun (yes, in my dreams =p)
its the "Thai prince" Nichkhun (2PM) and Victoria (f(x))


I just read the news that Nichkhun and Victoria will be the third couple on "We Got Married" joining the other two previous couples (JoKwon-GaIn, YongHwa-SeoHyun)

"We Got Married" by the way is:
-a popular reality South Korean variety show that show pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they really married-

Although they are not going to be like really marry but then they will live like how married couples do... besides the *ahem ahem* never mind that T_T

I always feel that Nichkhun and YoonA would make a cute couple though =/ (but too bad beastly Taec came into the picture =p)

uhh well, hope they will become like the funny "Lettuce couple" HyunJoong-HwangBo =))

Till then... bye for now *tata*

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