Friday, November 26, 2010

I want DOME vouchers from Hitomi

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I want DOME vouchers from HITOMI!

You can get yours too...

All you need to do is write a simple post with a photo on your blog, with the caption "I want Dome Vouchers from HITOMI" and put a link to!

6 Most creative Photos will entitle themselves to one voucher :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Health and Environment Showcase @ SEGi College Subang Jaya

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I had just recently finished with my showcases for Biology and Chemistry last week. *phew*

And here's a post to share some of the photos taken during the showcase.

Biology showcase which was at Ground Floor - photo taken by Mr.Francis

Some of the displays at my Chemistry booth.
Yes they're REAL! not fake ones...

And this is me feeling disgusted afraid to touch the huge lizard at my booth...

So, towards the end of the showcase me and some of my friends were playing this Jenga to wait for the heavy rain to stop.
We managed to stack it this high *proud*

Photo credits to TC Boy =p

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

[Photos] SNSD Endorsement for Samsung

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Now, the picture says it all~

*click for bigger image*

Don't you wish Christmas would come faster? ;D


Dear Santa,
Since I've been a good baboon this year, I wish for...

Wern xD

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sign up for Raleigh International KL Introduction Weekend

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Youth development NGO Raleigh International Kuala Lumpur is organizing an Introduction Weekend from 3rd to 5th of December 2010.

The Introduction Weekend aims to introduce Raleigh International Expeditions and is a prerequisite for potential Expedition venturers. Over 30,000 young people from different backgrounds and nationalities have gone through an Introduction Weekend and taken part in a Raleigh International Expedition including HRH Prince William who joined a Chile Expedition in 2000 as part of his gap year.

Below are the details of the camp:
  • 3-day 2-night
  • open to all Malaysians aged 17 to 24
  • able to converse in English and preferably swim 200m unaided
  • fee of RM 55 will be charged before and on 7th of November 2010 (early bird)
  • fee of RM70 will be charged after 7th of November 2010 (normal rate)
*covers insurance, transportation, food and accommodation*

  • Interested parties should contact Geng Qian at 012-4106347 or Pei Ying at 012-9120321
*Closing date for application is on 14th of November 2010*

Raleigh International is a UK-based charity which aims to inspire youths from all backgrounds and nationalities to discover their potential by working together on challenging community and environment projects on 10-week long Expeditions to countries like Costa Rica/Nicaragua, India and Sabah. The next Expedition to Sabah begins 31st of January 2011.

Log on to their website and RaleighKL Facebook Page for more information

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