Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Travel] Hatyai Part 1

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Recently in the beginning of January I got a chance to visit Hatyai. I was not informed of the itinerary of the travel and I just go with the flow along with everyone else in the trip. So let some of my photos do the story telling for this earlier part of my trip =)
Had my first lunch there at the "Sky Buffet" at 33rd floor of Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel. Food was okay but I did not manage to see the view like the photo here.

Hotel lobby which was located at the 10th floor. And to go to my room from the ground floor, I have to take a lift to the hotel lobby and then change another lift to my room which I find it kind of troublesome especially if you have heavy luggage.

View from the hotel lobby.

Icecreamsssss! but sadly which I did not manage to eat there :(
They are so colorful aren't they?

A random shot of a dog and the tuk-tuk.

Bought a Thailand sim card there. It looked more like an album cover instead of a sim card cover.


This is the floating market at Hatyai. You can find a variety of local food/drinks there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try many and explore the place because it started to rained heavily when I was there.

One of the stalls before the floating market.


During the night, I went to this Stainless Steel temple. A unique temple (made by steel, not sure what is its name in Thai) that has a shape of a cone.

This is the place where you can make a wish and throw a coin to the bowls located above. If within three tries you managed to throw your coin in, your wish will be granted. If you have failed to do so, it is believed that your wish is too hard to be achieved.

Well, I've managed to throw my coin in, lets see whether my wish will be granted or not... =p

The interior of the temple...

Oh yea, if you wish to visit this temple, the entry is free but if you want a tour guide to bring you there the cost is about THB 200.

Something funny happened during my visit there - Before entering the temple, you have to remove your shoes. It so happened that it was raining and some of us decided to put our shoes in the van that brought us to the temple. After the visit when we came out from the temple to find that the van that had our shoes in it had left. Then we had realised that we put our shoes in the wrong van and had to return to the hotel bare-footed. Luckily, our tour guide knew the van driver and we found our shoes back at last...

Moral of the story: Do not put your shoes in a vehicle because you might not know whether it will still be there after that =p



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