Friday, June 24, 2011

How to get perfect abs like SNSD Yuri

Posted by RedButtockz Wern at 4:19 PM
I'm sure many dream of getting sexy abs like Yuri from SNSD. If you are not sure who she is, this is Yuri from their latest Japanese album - Mr Taxi

Of all SNSD members, I personally felt that Yuri has the best curves; which according to Allkpop, she managed to achieve such a sexy build from her strict diet and rigorous exercise regimen. Her strict diet consists of:
  • 50g of seasonal vegetables
  • 150g of brown rice
  • five heads of broccoli
  • 100g of chicken breast

As for her special exercises, Yuri simply did around 600 sit ups per day.

Errr... yeah, 600 sit ups... per... day... -.-"

So best of luck for those who are trying to get nice abs or anyone have some good tips to share here =)



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