Thursday, February 25, 2010


Posted by RedButtockz Wern at 9:43 PM
Hullo, its been weeks since I last write a post. Chinese New Year week had been a great one, although there's still a little bit of "suayness" throughout this month. Remember in my previous post I mentioned that my hand phone somehow spoiled. Well, the following day my laptop KABOOM-ed after struck by lightning. And then, I did badly in my quiz in one of my subjects which eventually leads to a high level of emo-ness in me.
Living the past two weeks without a laptop was not an easy one. I used to spend most of my time online and
merepek with my buddies and without it I really don't know what else can I do. I wanted to go lepak somewhere...anywhere but then I could not find any kaki lepaks, then I thought of doing some running since I'm so free before the CNY and yet again its even harder to find people to accompany me to run. Sigh...
So hopefully by next week I will have a computer as my assignments are piling up now (due soon too =( ). 2 on Marketing Cases, 1 on Marketing Research, 1 on Issues and Ethics and 1 more on The Movies. And to make things even worse midterm exam is around the corner =((.
Oh yea, another thing that made me sad was that I was looking forward for the Energizer Night Marathon and when I wanted to register the other day the 10KM category has already reached its limit =(. I don't think I will join the half marathon because I don't want to strain my poor
ayam (what my friends called me) legs and injure them again. Hopefully I can get to join the Standard Chartered KL marathon, and hopefully I will be able to join the half marathon category with Kak Mishan...hwaiting! =P

-drinking beer and eating nonsense while watching TV and merepek with dear Mummy and Papa is so relaxing =) it feels good to be at home ( although i just came back last week ;) -


kenwooi on March 7, 2010 at 1:37 PM said...

laptop KABOOM is a serious case.. i'll go crazy without a comp.. =P


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