Friday, February 5, 2010

ShOO the Sick Away...

Posted by RedButtockz Wern at 5:40 AM
Chinese New Year is around the corner, and I don't wanna get sick on that particular week =(
I have been not feeling well since last Friday.
The fever keeps coming on and off and dunno why me n jie vomited on last Tuesday *how come Fez Oppa nothing wrong one when 3 of us ate the same food for dinner*.
Jie woke me up after vomiting twice then after waking up i felt hungry and after having oats somehow i don't feel well also -.-.
Then when i wanted to go back to sleep suddenly i vomited as well -.- *ended up having to wash the toilet at 4 in the morning, but then jie didn't notice it can you believe it, all the vomiting must have made her so exhausted that she snored so loud after that LOL* Then after my fever subsided comes the runny nose pulak -.-

Oh yeah, sorry to those who have tried to contact me through my hand phone, after sms-ing Eugene my hand phone screen go blank and started blinking like disco lights and its unusable since then =(

Bye for now, Go_Od Night!!!



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